About our Labels

Gardenware® labels are designed for:

  • Sheet feed Laser printers (both Monochrome and Color)
  • Continuous feed Dot Matrix printers*

Our labels come in a large variety of sizes and are made of weather-tough materials.  They include wrap-around strip tags, adhesive Signs, adhesive Barcode Patches and adhesive Pot Labels. We also have both Laser and tractor-feed Pot Sticks which may be used in trays and pots.

Our laser wrap-around strip tags are now available in colors!  Select from red, yellow, orange, green or blue!  These are colored on one side only to allow the use of color customer imprints on the reverse.  Click the link below and then scroll down to see some examples.

If you wish, we can pre-imprint your company logo/information on laser strip tags and pot sticks.  Please call or e-mail for details.

* Continuous-feed 1" tags are the only item still available for dot-matrix printers.

To view PRICING for a specific type of label
click on that label type below:

One Inch TAGS  for LASER  and DOT MATRIX printers
Adhesive SIGNS for LASER printers
Other Laser (sheet) Labels (including Adhesive Barcode Patches and Pot Labels and Pot Sticks)

Mini-barcode patches are now available!  Please call 503 717-9295 for information!